Un: To Paris with Love

Almost all Francophiles will be able to instantly recognise this photos. Paris. The bistro sign with the curly writing, the red potted flowers… I can close my eyes and hear the clack of heels, striding down the streets, effortless in their negotiation of the uneven footpaths.

This photo was taken during one of the first few weeks of my exchange in Paris. As a friend and I stood fumbling with a map, our quick english giving us away, a woman approached to help us. She pointed us to Ile St Louis, a tiny island just behind Notre Dame.

“Go there to see Paris”, she told us.

And we smiled. Because the French are kind and helpful, you just have to be willing to see beyond what you are told.

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2 thoughts on “Un: To Paris with Love

  1. J’aime Paris. It’s such a magnificent city! You are most definitely right about the French, they really are nice and can be extremely helpful and hospitable. We ventured onto Ile St Louis sort of by accident and have returned there many times. It’s the most amazing little neighborhood with such wonderful boutiques and patisseries and chocolate. I just cannot wait to go back…

  2. So glad someone thinks the same way as me about the French! Ile Saint Louis is a treasure, I could spend hours looking in the little boutique stores as well!

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